White Plants


As above so below, As within so without


The Full Story

Selfnlight was created in 2019 to bring unconditional and divine love into each and every person’s life.  It serves as an open and safe platform for individuals who wish to bring clarity to their life and learn to open up to their truest potential through the guidance and services I offer. 

At Selfnlight, we will work to become more aware of the self where we will discover and understand who we are, how we can open doors and the energetic space to bring self-awareness, self-value, self-love, self-worth into our lives. As we begin the journey to shed our former self, our heart will become open, lighter and receptive into bringing magick that will affect our daily thoughts and perspective. We have a place within us that pushes us to be the best version of ourselves so we can live the life our soul has always planned for us and I will guide you there.