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Working with Chakras can help play a huge role on supporting your energetic elements. Chakra, in Sanskrit known for “wheel” is part of ancient Indian teaching.  When our chakras are unbalanced and unaligned, it can lead to physical, emotional and mental distress.  The 7 crystals, which work with your 7 main chakras that are carefully picked out, can help balance, align and heal each one.


Crown chakra (top of your head: Awareness, intelligence – Amethyst

Third eye Chakra ( between the eyes):intuition, imagination – Lapis lazuli

Throat Chakra (center of the throat): Communication – Sodalite

Heart Chakra (Between breast bone): Love, compassion – Adventurine

Solar Plexus Chakra (Two inches above the belly button): About Self-confidence, moving forwar, connection with energy – Tigers Eye

Sacral Chakra (Above pubic bone) : About passion, creativity, sexuality – Orange calcite

Root Chakra (low back-Perineum): About feeling safe, being grounded, Foundation, stability – Carnelian

  • Size Chart

    Size Inches
    Small 6.5-7 inches
    Medium 7.5-8 inches
    Large 8.5-9 inches
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